Lincoln Electric

Lincoln Electric

Discover the Possible.


The Lincoln Electric brand is synonymous with welding. Continual innovation and strategic acquisitions have led to new capabilities that make Lincoln Electric much more than a welding company. Lincoln Electric asked The Adcom Group (TAG) to help reposition the brand to the audience at FabTech – the largest welding and fabricating trade show. We needed to showcase Lincoln Electric as a complete fabrication solutions provider in an engaging way.

Target Audience

More than 35,000 welders, fabricators and project managers attend FabTech.

Our Approach

Even by name, traditional “capabilities pieces” are boring. We wanted to build something better.

To show how Lincoln Electric makes the impossible possible, we concepted, wrote, shot and produced a short film telling the story of Archer, a fictional motorcycle manufacturer that grew from a one-man shop to a large-scale operation. Archer’s growth is aided by solutions provided by Lincoln Electric. These advancements also enabled Archer to build the world’s first hover bike.

Since functional hover bikes are a bit hard to come by, we partnered with a Hollywood prop builder to build a life-sized model of our hover bike. We used a combination of live-action footage and digital animation to bring the impossible to life.

While the focus was the video, TAG was also tasked with thinking through where our film would be shown. Through collaboration with the Lincoln Electric team, we developed a theater for the FabTech booth and displayed the actual hover bike at the show.


The video was well-received by attendees at FabTech and generated a lot of buzz on Lincoln Electric’s social media channels.

Lincoln Electric – Discover The Possible (Full Length)

Lincoln Electric – Discover The Possible (Short Film)