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Kauffman Foundation

Entrepreneurship Discovered

Client Goal:

Inspire entrepreneurial professionals by providing educational and informational content to increase their level of impact on entrepreneurship.

Client Challenge:

The Kauffman Foundation, the largest foundation in the world devoted to entrepreneurship, wanted to improve its engagement with those who create and support entrepreneurship in cities across the country. Kauffman was well known in the entrepreneurial community and had valuable content to share, but was not engaging as deeply as it wanted to.

What Our Audience-Driven Process Revealed:

Qualitative research found that entrepreneurial professionals fit one of three distinct audience profiles: educators, government officials and activists. Although different in their professions and content consumption habits, together they formed the framework of an entrepreneurial ecosystem within each city. The strengths of these communities and the way they interact with each other largely determine the success of local start-ups. Entrepreneurship also becomes the product of these environments. These cities can learn from each other, copying best practices and avoiding mistakes.  Our studies had shown entrepreneurial professionals were interested in the approaches taken in other cities and ecosystems. The challenge was to cover entrepreneurial topics and trends in an entertaining, informative and, above all, engaging way.

Resulting Plan:

With the guidance of Kauffman, The Adcom Group created ID8 Nation, the first digital publication dedicated to shedding light on entrepreneurial ecosystems across the country. Every few months, ID8 travels to a new city, reporting on these environments and detailing the factors that mean success or failure for entrepreneurs. Articles, videos and infographics provide an in-depth portrait of what is happening in each city. Most importantly, ID8 takes an approach and angle on the subjects that has not been done before, providing content that the target audience wants.

Brand Engagement:

ID8 Nation has raised Kauffman’s profile in national discussions about entrepreneurship. Since beginning the publication, ID8 Nation has reported on five cities. Total content views in the digital magazine alone are more than 37,000 and the average engagement time per reader is over 10 minutes. Hundreds of readers have submitted applications and content to ID8 Nation in hopes the publication will cover their city’s stories in future issues. Adding to the growing engagement and success of the brand, ID8 Nation recently took home Digiday’s 2014 Content Marketing Award for Best Brand Digital Magazine.

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