Elite Support

Elite Support

Generating awareness of Certified Dealerships


Some people think taking your vehicle to the dealership for service is an unnecessary and expensive decision. This perception exists even among drivers and owners of commercial trucks. That’s why Daimler Trucks North America challenged The Adcom Group (TAG) to help promote Elite Support Certified Dealerships* to fleet managers and owner/operators.

*To earn this distinction, Freightliner and Western Star dealerships must adhere to a strict set of criteria that ensures customers receive the industry’s best truck maintenance and repairs with an unmatched level of service.

Our Approach:

We performed qualitative and quantitative research to develop customer personas and media ecosystems, influencing both the creative messaging and our media plan.

We really got to know the audience. We learned what they wanted and what they needed. Our research helped identify the pain points that drove our audience to seek out non-dealer repair options. There was a number of concerns expressed – everything from cost to expertise. We dug in deeper and found that their main issue was trust. When thousands of dollars are on the line (and on the road) it’s nice to be able to count on your technician.

TAG developed a program that would highlight the benefits of Elite Support and put a number of trustworthy faces on the brand. Our campaign asks, “Who do you trust with your truck?” and was rolled out in two phases – the first designed to generate awareness followed by messaging addressing specific audience concerns.

Testimonials from customers and technicians help to tell the brand’s story and highlight the personal nature of Elite Support.


Paid media advertisements included satellite radio spots, print ads, digital ads, outdoor and paid search text ads.

Our owned media executions included a redesigned website (EliteSupportNetwork.com) and a campaign-themed booth at the industry’s largest annual trade show, The Mid-America Trucking Show.

Results (Paid):

  • Total impressions: nearly 9 million
  • Total clicks on digital ads: over 18K with click-through rates well surpassing industry benchmarks