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Construction Workers

Over 60% of new hires in construction are Hispanic and they prefer their media in Spanish.

Pro Construction Guide & Constru-Guía Magazine - 2016 Reader Survey


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GetGo R&D Brand Spots

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Detroit Connect

Detroit Connect Motion Graphics

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global X

global X Brand Collateral

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The Audience Agency

Travel Planners

Friends and family are the second most important source of information during travel planning.

MMGY "2016 Portrait of American Travelers"

Do you know the best ways to incent and increase positive word of mouth?


Moen Dimensional Mailer

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GetGo Social Videos

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Bike Cleveland

Bike Cleveland Awareness Posters

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Velosano Kickoff Video

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The Audience Agency


1 in 5 men schedule a doctor appointment just to stop a loved one from nagging.

Cleveland Clinic, 2016

RNC Visitor Welcome Banners

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RIDGID Mechanical Contractor Campaign

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Rothenbuhler Identity and Packaging

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HIMSS Showroom Displays

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The Audience Agency

Loyal Consumers

On average, American households are enrolled in 29 loyalty programs, but are active in only 12.


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Cleveland Clinic
USA Football
JoAnn Fabric
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Destination Cleveland
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Cleveland Clinic

Our Capabilities

Our strategic practice areas, specialty skill groups, and client-focused team approach are detailed below.

Strategic Practice Areas


Brand Planning

Audience Planning

Communications Planning

Marketing Technologies


The way we get to know communities of people is to study them from many perspectives...their behavior, habits, rituals, motivations and attitudes...and it’s not always what meets the eye at first look.  It takes a little extra curiosity to uncover truly meaningful insights.


At Adcom, we’ve built our consultative service around the following four areas of expertise that steer our thinking based on a comprehensive view of your brand’s relationship with its audience.

Brand Planning

Our Brand Planning team is focused on helping you create focused and authentic messages to connect your brand in a meaningful way to its core community. By working alongside your brand leaders at a corporate, brand, or product level, we help uncover forward-leaning positions that resonate with your audience, and aren't driven by corporate speak.


Examples of Brand Planning deliverables:

  • Brand Foundation Workshops - Vision, Mission, and Values
  • Brand Voice/Personality Mapping
  • Brand Manifestos
  • Brand Guidelines

Audience Planning

We use our Audience Planning process to help clients understand why groups of people hold certain beliefs about an offering and how they got that way. With business goals in mind, we explore the motivations and brand touchpoints within a segment. Identifying and grouping similar mindsets in the audience helps in selecting the greatest opportunities for a desired outcome, and creating new brand advocates.


Examples of Audience Planning deliverables:

  • Segmentation and Prioritization Plans
  • Customer Personas
  • Customer Journey Mapping
  • Customized Audience Studies, Surveys, and Focus Groups

Communications Planning

Our understanding of your audience unlocks insights to connect more deeply with the segments that matter. Communications Planning systematically and effectively allows us to meet your most valuable customers where they are, both mentally and physically.


We account for the internal and external factors that trigger and impact your audience’s decision process. Knowing their goals, motivations and mindset helps our team tailor an approach to outreach that is welcome, well-intentioned and measurable.


Together, we move your audience forward through their brand journey, building the platform that creates brand advocates and lets them champion your brand's message.


Examples of Communications Planning deliverables:

  • Strategic Framework
  • Activation Plan
  • Measurement Strategy

Marketing Technologies

Marketing technology may not create the message, but it's the vehicle for delivering personalized and relevant content to your audiences at scale.  And leveraging it makes us a lot smarter, faster and more effective.  Our Marketing Technologies team is highly skilled in leading-edge SaaS platforms. By using diligent discovery processes, we can determine how to most effectively mobilize these tools to amplify your brand communications.


Examples of Marketing Technologies deliverables:

  • Auditing Existing Systems to Identify Points of Efficiency
  • CRM/SaaS Platform Setup
  • Platform Integration

Specialty Skill Groups


Creative Services

Public Relations

Media Planning and Acquisition

Marketing Automation

Custom Development

Analytics and Optimization


With your strategic blueprint in place, Adcom is fully equipped to execute to plan. Our marketing communications specialty groups build on the foundations established by our strategic practice groups, carrying out a broad array of tactics designed to resonate with your audience.

Creative Services

Highbrow? Intense? Comforting? Intriguing? What brand personality will your target communities best respond to? Armed with insights that give us that answer, our approaches to messaging and design strike just the right nerve to move your audience to action.


Examples of Creative Services deliverables:

  • Campaign Development
  • Corporate/Brand/Product Identity
  • Content Development
  • Packaging
  • Print and Production Service
  • Audio/Visual

Public Relations

Public Relations plays a vital role in shaping the narrative and perception of your brand. The Adcom Public Relations team works in lock-step with you and your teams to elevate brand messaging through strategic communications channels. Our approach positions your brand in a relevant and contextual way that leads to high-quality engagement and increased visibility with the key stakeholders and audiences that matter.


Examples of Public Relations deliverables:

  • Social Media Strategic Planning
  • Social Media Community Management
  • Editorial and Content Creation
  • Media Relations, Executive Leadership Positioning and Media Training
  • Special Events, Tours and Tradeshows

Media Planning and Acquisition

Media Planning and Acquisition is the method of bringing your Communication Planning to life. Taking the right message and amplifying it to the right audience, at the right time and in the right way, is the goal. Media planning leverages multiple syndicated resources to develop the best intelligence for our plans and leverages relationships with media properties to negotiate the best rates. If your goal is acquisition, our media looks to not only reach your audience but also optimize toward those that are likely to convert and drive the greatest ROI.


Examples of Media Planning and Acquisition deliverables:

  • Strategic Media Plans
  • Media Buying Recommendations
  • Competitive Media Audits
  • Cross-Channel Investment Strategies

Marketing Automation

Our Marketing Automation services help you to get in market faster, evolve quicker, and deliver results. Using an agile methodology, Adcom helps you to leverage the power of email, SMS and marketing automation platforms. With experience in most major platforms and strong relationships with key technology vendors such as Salesforce and IBM, Adcom can either operate within a legacy system or help you find and implement a system that best meets your requirements.


Examples of Marketing Automation deliverables:

  • Data Hygiene
  • Data Segmentation and Scoring
  • Platform Optimization
  • Dynamic Content Development
  • Triggered Campaign Executions

Custom Development

Being digital is a given.  Bringing a creative vision to life and giving it best-in-class usability is where Adcom thrives. Having been raised in the digital age where our world is mobile and our attention is limited, the Adcom Development team is driven by creating compelling visual experiences that are user-focused and purposeful. Through our ongoing audience discovery, we create systems applicable for the most current devices and browsers. 


Examples of Custom Development deliverables:

  • Website Development
  • Microsite and Landing Page Creation
  • App Development
  • User Experience Assessments and Strategy
  • Comping, Wire-framing, and Proof of Concepts

Analytics and Optimization

Analytics and Optimization harnesses the power of turning raw data into actionable information. This knowledge generates immense power to optimize budget performance and campaign results. Our clients move through systems that generate reports and analysis that is easily understood, and in reach. Together with the necessary information, our teams can make informed decisions regarding creative and channel execution.


Examples of Analytics and Optimization deliverables:

  • Data Visualization
  • Landing Page Optimization
  • A/B Testing
  • Ongoing Performance Reports

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